June 16, 2010

Home (Depot) Is Where The Heart Is.

As I mentioned previously, I have recently purchased my very first home.

The day we closed (May 21 to be exact), boyfriend and I went to Home Depot.

Have you ever been to Home Depot?

I mean, I've always known it as a place where you could by various housewares and wood and siding and all sorts of things like that.

But let me tell you - it is a completely different experience going there as a home owner, let alone a first time home owner. I ended up going to home depot once that first day, two times the next day, and about a half-dozen in the last week and a half.

There are so many shiny things to look at my boyfriend had to drag me through the store to get the things we knew we needed.

Don't even get me started on the PAINT.

I mean, I own a small townhouse - 2br, 2.5ba - less than 1700 sq. feet and within two weeks I've probably spent close to $1000 at Home Depot - nearly $250 on paint alone.

We've changed all of the locks, replaced the handle on the sliding glass door, repaired some of the bifold closet doors, checked out a Rug Doctor (Il Professore), started taking apart one of our cabinets to fit our (shiny new) microwave, hung blinds and some curtains, and just last Friday got new carpets installed upstairs. We also have a new couch (yay grown-up furniture) and bookshelf/tv stand (yay Ikea!)

The carpets were needed - the previous owners had two dogs and they had done a number (1 and 2) on them - the smell was awful.

I wish I could say that we've got the house the way we want it and that it's ready for us to move in....alas, we recently discovered that the house is in dire need of some HVAC service (the upstairs is quite warm, even when the air is on full blast), we'll need to eventually repair the siding and the gutters, and one day when we're flush, all of the upstairs windows will have to go.

The house is definately more of a "fixer-upper" than what I thought I was getting, but at least for that, there's always Home Depot!

 My paint scheme for the house - just five colors used in different combinations.

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Emily said...

I love the blues! I am also very excited about you owning, finally!

I am renting a new place come August, and I am allowed to paint. I have been holding off from purchasing anything, and am afraid that I won't be able to afford paint and furniture... ah well.