March 10, 2010

Good Will Apartment Hunting

Ok, I know I'm the biggest slacker when it comes to this blog. It's nothing against you readers or Diana, it's just that I'm super busy with work, school, and being dumped by my boyfriend.

Usually when I break up with a guy, I go out and do something like cut or color my hair. But I really like my hair cut and color right now, so that was out of the question. I was going to go on a shopping spree, but I have to stop spending money, cause I'm poor. So what I've decided to do instead is do a massive Spring Cleaning of my life and start my apartment hunting.

Apartment hunting, you say? Well yes dear readers, come September, I am moving out on my own. Or at least that's the hope. Turns out that apartments are more expensive than I can afford. But we'll make it work. (Let's keep our fingers crossed for that raise, yeah?)

Anyway, I started looking for a new apartment. It sucks that in my area of Boston, you have to start looking six months ahead. Everything is aimed at students, and that gets OLD. Especially because students don't care about having nice things. They're only going to be there for a year.

I was lucky though, and found the most beautiful apartment ever, just in my price range, and within the first week of looking! I wish I had a picture of this place, because it was beautiful. The kitchen was filled with stainless steel appliances, and granite counter tops. Hardwood floors through out. Lots of light. I was all set and ready to see the apartment last Saturday.... and then Friday it got rented. SOB.

The most annoying part of that experience was that the Realtor offered to show me other apartments instead. I showed up for our appointment at 11am on Saturday, and she had forgotten to tell me that we'd have to reschedule for another time, as she didn't have others to show me yet. WTF? You couldn't just email me that? Needless to say, I doubt I'll be using her services.

I looked at a few apartments last Thursday, but they look like this:

The kitchen isn't bad, until you realize that you can't open the stove. And it's really hard to look at apartments when the place is so messy.

I've decided that I'd rather live in Cambridge anyway, so I contacted a Cambridge real estate company the other day. They told me that I don't even have to start looking until May or June. So I'll be taking a break...

Although, looking through craigslist for bad pictures, I managed to find a few nice places in my area... maybe the search will continue...


Anonymous said...

It's Jenrett. I do read your bloggity blog! But Em- I know you probably love living right in the city, and moving farther out might cut back on sleep hours, but you could always find a place in Salem for cheaper than in Boston, and get a T card. I used to work in Boston right near where you do, and took the T in every Monday through Friday morning. It's not unmanageable. Just a thought. There are other places in this area, too.

Emily said...

I have thought of that, but it's not sleep I'm worried about - it's social. Sure, the commuter rail runs enough for me to get to work at back (although it would cost me far more money for that pass than the one I have now) - but I wouldn't be able to stay out past like 10:30. I couldn't just walk over to Michelle's at a whim, or go shopping on Newbury Street. I would seriously be limited to what I could do, and I just don't think that's worth it right now.