What does it mean to "Geek Out"?

We all know that feeling when you start talking about a topic that you are (a bit too) excited about. You start looking up pictures or websites or other random bits of information about the topic, and then you can't help but share it with people who may or may not care about what you're talking about.

So why Girls Geek Out? Are you sexist or something?

No, we love boys of all shapes, colors, sizes, and sexual preferences! In fact we both have boyfriends and a number of guy friends, and we may even post a whole blog about geeking out on them. It's just that we've found girls get overexcited about things in a way that boys either don't or can't, and we wanted to create the forum for these girls.

Who are you girls anyway? Why should I care?

You can find our introduction posts here (Emily) and here (Diana), but here's the condensed version.

Emily lives in Massachusetts, and loves to geek out about books, food, fashion, pop culture, and random things that happen to her on the street.

Diana is from Maryland (with stints in Connecticut and Alabama)and loves to geek out on the arts, baking, social media, books, reality tv, and much more.

Both of us are alumnae of the University of Hartford, where Diana was Emily's RA.

And, well, you don't have to care if you don't want to, but we think we have some things to say that are cute/interesting/funny. If you disagree or think you can do better, just let us know by clicking the comment tab!