June 22, 2010

Like, Ha Ha Funny?

You know what I love?

Funny people. And funny blogs. And funny people who write funny blogs.

It's true, I do enjoy the mom blogs that are less funny and more sentimental, and also the fashion blogs that require few words but a good camera. But nothing moves my morning (or hell, day) along like a good laugh.

Last night my friend Jess Mann and I were sitting in the train station bar (who knew these existed?) drinking some wine while we waited for her train and discussing what blogs we read. Surprisingly, we didn't have any overlapping blogs. Considering that we have the same sense of humor and appreciation for humorous writing, this was definitely something we needed to fix. When we made it homes to our respective residents, we exchanged emails with long lists of those bloggers we thought were worth passing on. (Editor's note: just because your blog may not be listed below, it doesn't mean you were not passed on.)

I sent her the likes of The Bloggess, Jen Lancaster, and Kelly Oxford. She sent back Barefoot Foodie, who may just be one of the funniest women I've ever read. However, what I noticed about the four of these blogs is that all four are women (surprise, surprise) but that they also have similar senses of humor and almost identical voices (esp The Bloggess and Barefoot Foodie). It explained a whole lot about why Jess and I get along.

I have spent the better part of my free time today (I take little breaks every hour to break up the monotony) catching up on Barefoot Foodie, and I am absolutely loving it.

I also enjoy statements taken out of context, like this one that I just send my co-worker Holly:

are you doing better with Jose Saramago now that he died?

or this one:

BfF: the last thing I want for Christmas is a geyser shooting out of my vagina.

I don't know why, but it's the littlest things that make me the happiest.

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