January 25, 2010

Me, My Stories, and a little thing I call Geek.

Ah yes, television. I love TV. I love being able to cuddle up on my big armchair, wrapped in my 1970s era crocheted throw, snacks piled on the table before me, without a care in the world except what I have waiting for me on my DVR. (I especially love it when it's cold and rainy outside.)

I hate saying it, but I REALLY love watching TV alone. It sounds silly to say I enjoy watching TV alone, because I love sharing everything with my friends and family. I am constantly laughing out loud when reading books or articles, with the hope that whoever is around will ask, "What's so funny?" (This rarely happens.) But the thing about watching TV alone is that I never have to be concerned about whether the person I am with is also enjoying the show. I can laugh when I think it's funny. I can turn it off if I don't like it. I can have it as loud as I want, or as quiet. I can make a mess of the table in front of me, or I can eat my perfectly cut cheese with crackers and no one asks for a bite. I can fall asleep in the chair without a moment of awkwardness. Watching my stories is my time.

That all said there are certain shows I like to watch with people. Ghost Hunters, for example, is best enjoyed in a dark room, with my sister, and no food. When you are eating, you are not giving the show your full attention. And GH needs your full attention. I also enjoy sharing Lost with my sister. But let's be honest, you have to watch Lost with someone – every one has a theory and these theories must be voiced. Lifetime movies are best watched with another person – then you don’t feel quite as lame.

There are two shows that I absolutely adore sharing with others – Top Chef and How I Met Your Mother. Top Chef began as an hour that I could spend with my former roommate Beth, then turned into my alone time, and recently has begun resurfacing as a show I can enjoy with my friend Michelle. Beth and I bonded over the show when we met a contestant from the second season as a food demonstration. Ever since then, I’ve been addicted. When Beth moved back to Philly, I found myself lacking a cooking partner, and a fellow Top Chef fan. It wasn’t until a season or two ago that Michelle and I realized our mutual interest, and began watching together when we could. I also text my sister’s ex-boyfriend, Josh, while I watch, as we tend to like the same contestants.

Now. How I Met Your Mother might just be my current favorite show. I enjoy it most while with my friend Leyla, who helped feed my addiction after my friend Jenna showed me an episode from season two. I was instantly hooked. After spending countless hours on the Internet scouring for free episodes, Leyla (who I had only recently met) invited me over to watch her DVD copy of the third season. Not only was a wonderful friendship born, but a viewing partner was born as well. Yes, I enjoy the show alone, but gosh darn it, it’s much more enjoyable when I have Leyla, with her adorable laugh and excellent taste in wine, by my side.

Of course, you’re now asking, well what the heck does Emily like to watch alone? Oh, you know, those horribly girly shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Greek -to name a few. I also watch Glee with my sister and roommate. That is a show you should not watch alone.

I don’t watch nearly as much TV as I used to. Now I find myself watching a whole lot of movies with the boyfriend, or episodes of Family Guy and South Park (not complaining, I love both these shows). But I really enjoy few things more than a few hours in an empty apartment, just me, my TV, and a pile of cheddar cheese.


Diana said...

Yes! Greek! New season starts tonight!

Like A Muse said...

I just watched the new episode of HIMYM today!

Emily said...

Wasn't it so good? I miss you. DUH.