January 20, 2010

Yes! A Blog!

Oh, I guess since Emily posted about herself, I should likely do the same.

I'm currently the Fundraising Coordinator for a multi-disciplinary arts festival in Maryland (born and raised though I went to college in Connecticut and graduate school in Alabama). Though I really enjoy just about every other art form, I LOVE (and can majorly geek out on) theatre. I grew up going to see plays and musicals, acting in school and community productions, and then went on to study theatre in college. When I was eight and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said "be an actress" without any hesitation. Well after exploring all sides of the stage, I found myself working towards a career on the business side. I even have an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Theatre Management/Arts Administration from the University of Alabama/Alabama Shakespeare Festival.

I don't get to see much by way of theatre these days, but that doesn't stop me from keeping up with what's going on out there in the industry. I hope to remedy that situation in the next year or so.

Just like Emily, I love food. While I enjoy cooking,I seriously seriously seriously love baking. I own about a dozen cookbooks dedicated solely to baking all sorts of goodies - bread, cake, pie, tarts, cheesecake, muffins. You name it, I'll bake it. My friends have even started giving me baking challenges (bagels! mini pies inspired by HP6!) and baking-related gifts (pocket pie maker!), knowing whatever I make they'll likely get to taste.

I've got a boyfriend who I call "boyfriend" too (how odd that we both affectionately call our significant other by their title, rather than name). Keith and I met while I was in grad school, and he moved up here with me after my graduation. We're both pretty awesome, and he even finds me funny (most of the time). I find him to be incredibly sarcastic and charming - a disarming combination.

I have so many ideas in my head about things to geek out on, and I can't wait to get started!

I know I speak for Emily when I say I hope that you will read our blog and comment your pretty hearts out!

Want to "guest geek"? Drop us a note and let us know your topic! If we like it, we'll give you the thumbs up to write away!

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