February 19, 2010

No. Seriously. Dresses/skirts with pockets are AWESOME.

I know I mentioned this before, but I needed to share again. 

On Feb 13th, I spent the evening celebrating one of my friend's 30th b-day (Happy Birthday again, Sarah!). We played games, ate food, drank some sangria, and just hung out.

It was a mixed crowd, but more girls than boys, so of course the topic turned to fashion.

Now, I've never considered myself to be someone who cared much for the latest styles or trends, but I can't tell you enough how I feel about dresses and skirts with pockets. I mean seriously these are the greatest things since sliced bread. So when someone (I don't think I was the one that brought it up, but it's possible) started talking about pockets I may have gotten a bit over-enthusiastic about them.
 Even Cameron Diaz rocks them!

(I'm not alone. A quick search led me to an entire Flickr pool of dresses and skirts with pockets)

One of the guys in the group piped up: "what is the point of pockets? What would you keep in there? Isn't that what a purse is for?" so of course I had to defend the awesomeness of pockets.

Here is the short version of my list of why pockets are awesome:

1. Men always have pockets. I have yet to see a pair of pants or shorts for men that lack pockets. As any man knows, you never have to worry about flailing your arms around. When in doubt, your hands go in your pockets. I dislike having to figure out what to do with my hands sometimes.

2. I don't LIKE carrying a purse all the time. I'm one of those people that tends to fill whatever space I have with stuff. I would MUCH rather be able to slip an ID, a credit card, some cash, and my keys in to a pocket.

3. It's a natural comfortable thing to just stick your hands in your pocket.What girl doesn't love the fact that her jean skirt (you know we all have one) has pockets?

4. It's kind of trendy, but not a weird crazy trend (you won't see Lady Gaga rocking body suits with pockets). Just something young and hip and fun. Something that everyone can get in on.

Formal Dress? Casual Pockets? YES Please!

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