February 18, 2010

Give me a Z!

First off, I am so sorry that I have been lacking in the updating part of this blog. Let's blame my busy schedule, along with the current cold that has ravaged my body. I feel like death. No lie. In fact, every minute something new starts hurting. Just now, the left side of my throat started hurting unbelievably. Why? Who knows.

But I'm not here to geek out about my sickness. I'm here to talk about my all-time favorite junk food.

The Zebra Cake.
What? Did angels just sing?

For those of you who live under a rock, zebra cakes are the greatest Little Debbie snack ever made. A zebra cake is made up of two moist hexagon shaped white cakes, with a sweet and smooth white frosting layered between, covered in a melt in your mouth vanilla frosting and striped lightly with milk chocolate.

These cakes are my favorite thing to hoard. When I treat myself to a box, which isn't often, I hide them around my room, so that no one knows I have the coveted snack. I close my door and bundle myself up in bed, nibbling the cake while I read or watch something on my computer. I take small bites, so that I may enjoy the pure and perfect sweetness slowly and for a longer period of time.

People love them so much, they make them ART.

The other day, I discovered that the corner store between Joshua's and my apartment sells zebra cakes by the cake. For fifty cents you can get one, slightly larger than normal, perfect zebra cake. I bought one and tucked it into my pocket. As soon as I left the store, I ripped open that plastic wrapping and took a bite of the piece of heaven in my hand. It had been a while since my last cake.

As I walked to Joshua's, I savored the creamy frosting, the perfectly baked cakes and the almost flaky icing. Each bite washed through my mouth in a whirlwind of pleasure, and I even found myself moaning out loud. I finished the cake before I made it to Joshua's, for fear of his jealousy. (I later learned he does not like them. HA!)

So, since I have been feeling ultra lousy the last couple of days, I think I may treat myself to a zebra cake today. You should too.

And God said, on the 8th day, let there be Zebra Cakes!


Diana said...


Zebra Cakes are awesome. I like when they come out with the holiday-themed ones (esp. the Christmas Trees!!!!)

Michelle said...

I just had what I think is one of the above-mentioned holiday-themed ones - for Valentine's Day. Em, if you go to my lj you will see the picture of them. Heart shaped cakes with a layer of frosting inside, and covered in pink frosting with white stripes. It was delicious. BUT I will never let go of my belief that the Little Debbie Oatmeal cookies are the best Little Debbies EVER. We can take a poll some other time. (Me and Jason just stocked up the other week cause they were 10 for $10! score!) I had to get him his own box so he wouldn't touch mine...