February 4, 2010

SNOWPOCALYPSE 2: Electric Boogaloo

This post was originally going to be about the greatest TV show you're not watching, but I decided to change my topic due to the impending snowstorm set to befall the Washington, DC metro area starting as early as late tomorrow morning.

Growing up in Maryland, I always enjoyed the fact that we never got much extreme weather. When we did it was always a freak tornado, a freak blizzard, a freak earthquake. Nothing to write home about. In fact, the big joke was always that when there was little more than an two inches of snow on the road, school was canceled.

Then I went to school in Connecticut where it snowed a lot, including a storm that would dump at least a foot or two, usually in March. It was awesome. I remember Freshman year trudging across campus in a foot of snow to get to that little booth by the entrance for my work-study gig as an University Ambassador. School wasn't canceled unless professors couldn't make it to campus. It was at UHa where I learned, truly, the sheer joy of being snowed in, especially with friends, and especially with some alcohol.

In fact, I missed the snow living in Alabama. I didn't like wearing short sleeves on New Year's Eve.

I love the snow. But what I love, way more than I could ever love snow itself, is the sheer madness that occurs just before the snow is about to hit.

Like I mentioned, we never get a ton of snow here in MD, usually the snowfall for the entire winter is less than a foot. Then we had last year. It snowed twice in December, including a massive snow dump on Dec. 19th that dropped about two feet in my town.

That storm, was dubbed by many in the DC area as the Snowpocalypse. There was even a Facebook group with that same name. I took pictures, starting the night before of the empty bread aisles and then, starting with the first flakes, I took photos every hour documenting this historic snowfall. It took me three days to get my car completely dug out (I didn't have a shovel for one of those days, and realized that it was easiest to get my boyfriend's car out first). There was even a snowball fight in the middle of DC!

Just when that snow was almost completely melted away... bam, two more snowy days, the most recent being on Sunday. Now, however, the DC area is bracing for a snowstorm that could start as early as mid-morning tomorrow and dump ANOTHER two feet here.


Wanting to avoid the grocery store panic (quick, where's my bread/milk/toilet paper?), I hit the store late last night and it was already crowded. The photo above is from December's Snowpocalypse.

Every time I log on to Facebook or Twitter, someone else is posting the most recent snow-cast, and it's followed by a string of "NooOoOoOOO!!!!" comments.

I can't wait to see the insanity that will inevitably ensue when the snow starts to stick tomorrow.

Traffic? YES! Lines at the Grocery and Liquor stores? YES! Schools and businesses closing early? YES (Heck, the Feds have already put a liberal leave policy in effect for tomorrow)!

I'll be spending my snowed-in weekend, baking cookies, enjoying some TV and movies with my boyfriend, blogging (lucky readers, you), and once again taking photos as often as possible.

Want some tips on how you too can survive a SNOWPOCALYPSE?

1. Go to the store early. Like 3 days. If you don't have it when the first flakes fall, it's not worth it. Trust me.

2. If you can avoid it, don't drive, but if you must get out, make sure that you have the right kind of car. Just because you have a pick-up truck, it doesn't mean that you should be driving in snow, especially if your bed is empty (car accident waiting to happen).

3. If possible, don't get snowed in alone - that's one sure-fire way to go stir-crazy. Make a plan with friends to end up at one person's home.

4. Record lots of silly stuff on your DVR (if you have one), if not invest in Netflix on-demand.

5. Bake. It makes your house smell good, gives you something to eat, and, at the end of the day, keeps you from being completely totally lazy. Try a new recipe!

6. Start digging your car out early, especially if you live in an apartment complex where you will get plowed in. Help your neighbors if they need it!

7. Enjoy it! Make snow angels or go sledding. I think running around in the snow can really put a smile on anyone's face.

PS Flights have already been canceled, the Feds are on liberal leave, and I know at least three people who were waiting in line at DC grocery stores for more than an hour!

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