February 13, 2010

Woohoo!!! Valentine's Day!!!

Forgive me, but this entry is just a slightly edited version of an editorial I wrote in college for the school paper.

Maybe I'm a big weirdo, but I really like Valentine's Day. Scratch that, I LOVE Valentine's Day. It's definitely my favorite holiday.

I haven't always liked Valentines Day either. Until I started dating my boyfriend, I had spent every Valentine's Day alone. Every February 14th, I would "celebrate" another holiday - Singles Awareness Day (S. A. D.) - by wearing all black or wearing grubby clothes, and then watching horror movies where the couple dies. I'd sit in my room, either with friends or alone, and eat ice cream. I would have my own personal pity party, bemoaning the fact that I was single and cursing at all the couples of the world.

Since college though, I've developed this strange love for V-Day. Seriously! Look at it this way . . .If you're in a relationship, or have a date, you get to spend this day with someone you really care about. It's a day full of potential romance. Public Displays of Affection can occur with out people making gagging noises or telling you to "get a room."

As great as it is to be in a relationship for this holiday, being single on Valentines is a lot of tun too. Who doesn't enjoy the candy? Think about all the chocolate or the little conversation hearts - "fax me," "email me," "page me." Then there is my personal favorite candy that emerges this time of year - SweetTart Hearts.

If you feel like being bitter that you're single on the 14th, go ahead! BE bitter! This is the one day a year where people who aren't bitter can't give you a hard time, or tell you to "get over it."

Here's the recipe for a great Valentines Day: if you want to get valentines, send them to your friends. Go to CVS or Target, and buy Harry Potter or Barbie, and give it to your friends, believe me, they'll appreciate it.
Take V-Day and literally a "pity party" into a real party. Spend time with your boys. Spend time with the girls. Revel in the name of all that is red and pink!

If you feel that Valentines Day isn't complete without flowers, there is a simple solution. GO BUY YOURSELF SOME. There is no rule that says that you can't treat yourself to some roses and be your own valentine.

People always say that Valentines Day is just a waste of time and that it's a holiday created by Hallmark or the flower industry.

I don't know.

All I do know is that on February 14th, if you see me, come wish me a Happy Valentines Day - maybe I'll give you a valentine!

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Michelle said...

no, definitely not invented by Hallmark, Valentine's Day is one of the oldest holidays that we celebrate, dating back to like 400 AD or something. Check it out on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentine%27s_day
It wasn't about "romantic Love" until the middle ages, but I'm pretty sure there wasn't a hallmark then. And I think it's a nice idea too, I've always enjoyed it, regardless of my relationship status. I think people should use it as a time to appreciate everyone they love, including family and friends, so I would add to your suggestions that they should send flowers to their mom and things like that. One year when I was boyfriend-less a platonic male friend sent me roses - super sweet. So instead of just pitying yourself on VDay, people should think about others they know without that special someone and do something nice for them. :)